Cook County State Attorney Calls for New Social Media Tools to Fight Crime

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Fox has called for new social media tools to fight a spike in gun violence in and around Chicago.

A report in the Chicago Sun-Times detailed how Foxx sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General asking for resources to tackle the wave of violence gripping the Chicago area.

She reportedly described a city plagued by its worst outbreak of gun violence in two decades. Foxx cited the avowed aim of the Trump administration to tackle violent crime and keep communities safe.

Cook County State Attorney wants more social media tools

The report said she singled out the massive growth of social media and its role in crime. She requested tech support and social media analysts. She also asked for a personal meeting with Sessions.

The demand for new social media tools represents an acknowledgment that social media is driving violent crime in and around Chicago.

The Need for Social Media Tools – Is Online Activity Driving Violent Crime in Chicago?

A recent Newsweek article highlighted the possible link between social media and an upsurge in gang activity in Chicago.

Earlier this year, Cook County prosecutors filed hate-crime charges against four defendants who are accused of holding an 18-year-old mentally disabled man captive, torturing him for a prolonged period and posting videos of acts on Facebook

Prosecutors are treating the incident as a race attack. They claim the six-hour torture session by four African-Americans involved racial slurs against the white victim.

Police in Chicago say the gang rape of a teen girl in March was streamed to Facebook live,

Foxx made additional requests to Sessions. She wants support for the setting up of an Arrest Alert system. It would allow assistant state’s attorneys to be notified when defendants in priority targeted cases are arrested for unrelated offenses. This would allow cases to be combined to make prosecutions more effective.

Last year, Chicago recorded 762 murders – the highest in 19 years. A report in the Chicago Tribune in February suggested 2017 may be on course to surpass last year’s grim total.

President Trump has described Chicago as more dangerous than most places in the Middle East and at one point threatened to “send in the Feds,” although he did not elaborate on what he meant.

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