Woman Convicted in Fatal Palos Park Home Invasion

Home invasions are crimes that instill deep fear in the community. People who commit them often receive long prison sentences.

Recently, a 21-year-old woman from Indiana was convicted of first-degree murder for her role in a home invasion in Palos Park in Cook County.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Sarah Risner was held accountable for the death of Anthony Dalton in a home invasion that went badly wrong. Dalton was one of the assailants in the crime. He was shot dead by the homeowner.

The Tribune reported three other people are facing first-degree murder charges over the shooting death on July 5, 2016, on West 118th Street.


The courts hand stiff penalties for home invasions


While the four did not directly kill Dalton, they are charged with murder due to someone dying in the commission of a forcible felony.

The Tribune reported prosecutors in the murder case presented sufficient evidence during a trial to prove Risner was accountable for the shooting death of Dalton.

He was shot dead when he entered through the victim’s front door, said Cook County Judge Stephen Connolly.

A video shown at Risner’s trial proved to be important evidence leading to her eventual conviction.

The three-hour video shown at the trial showed Risner being interviewed by police. She outlined “substantial steps toward commission of an offense,” the judge said.

Risner along with fellow defendant Brandy Marshall, 20, had agreed to have sex with the homeowner, an older man, in exchange for cash, Connolly said. The judge said in the ruling they had no intention of going through with the act.

The two women planned instead to run off with the money, according to reports. They allowed Dalton, Tyler Gulli, and Brandy Marshall’s 21-year-old sister Paige Marshall into the residence to beat up the occupant and take whatever they could, the judge said.

The girls opened the door but the homeowner saw someone outside and had time to grab his gun.

Risner also faced lesser charges of home invasion and residential burglary. They were dropped before the trial. She faces 20 to 60 years for first-degree murder.

The case highlights how home invasions can lead to extremely serious charges. If you have been charged with offenses of this nature, please contact our Cook County criminal defense lawyers for a free consultation.

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