Trump Resumes Attack on Escalating Chicago Crime

President Donald Trump has resumed his attack over escalating Chicago crime accusing the city’s officials of not doing enough to fight it.

Trump criticized Chicago in a speech in Ohio in July. After not mentioning crime in the city for a month, he returned to the offensive in Youngstown.

Trump told a crowd at the event.

“This month in Chicago, there have been more than two homicide victims per day — what the hell is going on in Chicago? Better tell that mayor to get tough because it’s not working what they’re doing.”

Trump has regularly criticized Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. In June, he referred to an “epidemic” of murder in the city, which recorded 323 homicides in the first half of the year.

He also criticized Chicago’s protections of undocumented immigrants by attacking its sanctuary city status.

However, the Tribune article pointed out that six months into his presidency, Trump has failed to name the “top police officer” who he claimed on the campaign trail last year could sort out Chicago’s crime problem over the course of a week.

Emanuel hit back saying the solution to violent crime in the city was not about being tough but strategic.

He touted policies like community investment, employment and cracking down on access to guns.

Recently, we noted how Chicago police say smart crime techniques may be driving down violent offenses in the city.

However, hopes that gun crime in 2017 is falling compared to the previous year were dented during a violent July 4 weekend.

The police department announced a sweeping review after the city saw at least 102 people shot between late Friday afternoon and early Wednesday over the July 4 holiday period.

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