More than 5,000 Illegal Guns Are Seized in Chicago

Hopes that gun crime is being brought under control on the streets of Chicago are challenged by the number of guns seized.

This year, Chicago police officers seized nearly 5,200 guns off the streets – about 100 more than this time last year, CBS Chicago reported.

However, the figure does not automatically mean more gun crimes are being committed. Officials with the Chicago Police Department say Chicago’s increased investment in crime-fighting technology is helping officers.


Illegal guns are seized in Chicago


The police department said in July shootings fell from 1,868 last year to 1,624 to date this year. Gun arrests are up in the city with 2,401 this year compared to 1,820 in 2016.

Murder arrests have also risen. Police charged 152 people with murder year compared to 138 in 2016.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told CBS News repeat gun offenders have become bolder because of the lack of accountability in Illinois. He hopes tougher gun laws will change that state of affairs. Johnson said;

“My goal isn’t to incarcerate more people. My goal is to send that message that if you pick up a gun, you’ll pay the price for it.”

Johnson said the real key to solving many the firearms crimes is less new technology but help from the community in neighborhoods that are sick of the violence.

We have noted how the feds are helping Chicago.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) is lending Chicago technology that police say will help close thousands of gun cases opened every year.

The National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) gives state, federal, and local partners an automated ballistic imaging network. It allows the capture and comparison of ballistic evidence from bullets to help in investigations and prevent violent crimes involving firearms.

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