Do I really need an attorney?

Yes, Abraham Lincoln said, “a man that represents himself has a fool for a lawyer”. Although one has the right to represent him or herself in a criminal matter to do so is foolish since complex legal matters can come up and catch one off guard. In addition the State or Federal Government will always have a skilled and trained attorney representing their interests and it is only fair to have an attorney on your side. If you do represent yourself the Judge will expect you to know the law the same as any attorney would which would put a non-attorney at a great disadvantage.

What should I do if I am arrested?

DO NOT SPEAK TO ANY ARRESTING OFFICERS OF AGENTS. Exercise your right to remain silent. It is a right guaranteed to you by the U.S. Constitution. The more a person arrested talks the less likely he or she will have a strong defense in court.

What is the difference between a felony and misdemeanor?

A felony is a crime that is punishable by more than a year in jail and a misdemeanor is punishable by less than a year in jail.

Should I sign the consent to search or other waiver the police want me to sign?

No. You have a right to refuse any search at any time exercise that right. Nothing good can come out of giving law enforcement the consent to search any your property.

What are your fees?

Our fees vary on a cases to case basis. At Abdallah Law we don’t arbitrarily quote fees or have a one blanket fee. We take into consideration the seriousness of the crime and the finical background of the accused. After doing so we tailor a payment arrangement that our clients are comfortable with and able to manage.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes we do. We accept all major credit cards

Can I use my bond to pay my fees?

Yes, in most circumstance you can apply the amount of your bond to the balance of your legal fees.